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Post by Admin Thu Oct 22, 2020 12:12 am


We  all would love a magic wand to help us reduce or get rid of belly fat. We all know that there is no such magic wand. We like to find non invasive or chemical free ways of doing things around here so I started looking for ways to target the belly problem. Drinking the recommended amount of water, eating a healthy diet, controlling the sweeet tooth and getting some form of exercise will also help. Exercise will eventually get rid of belly fat but you can also assist by rubbing it away.

Stomach fat, bowel blockage and sagging or loose skin are the common issues we have with our large bellies. Some massage therapists recommend a four step belly rub to help deal with belly fat. Space Coast Massage, whom we are not affiliated with, has a detailed article on how to do this four step massage. I did an online search looking for more information and came across their post and it was the most informative. I hit the jackpot with all the sources that recommended massage as a way to break down fat. A form of Lipo without the hefty price tag. I then started performing the four steps recommended and kept track of the measurements for two weeks. I measured the very lower portion of my belly, then my middle section about where my belly button is and then right below my ribs. I lost the most from the lower part of my belly. Performing these four steps five days a week. I took Wednesday and Sunday off to let my skin rest.


Lie down on your back on a comfortable surface. I chose my bed due to having back problems. Using the thumbs and the first two joints of the fingers and some type of lubricant, grab your belly at the lower part of the abdomen and start rubbing it in a pinching motion. I used 100% natural African Shea butter. You can use coconut oil, Olive oil, coco butter or any thing that will allow your skin to not feel friction from your fingers. Go from one side to the other left to right or right to left. Do this for about 30 seconds to get back and forth. At first do this two times each way. I advise you to not get carried away because you can cause some harm to your skin or pain that won't let you continue the massages. Again these massages should not be painful but you will feel some soreness the next day.

The massages will help move the  bowels again if you have been constipated. Use more oil or rub and use your right hand and place it just above the top of the right side of your  groin area. Firmly move it up then around and down to the left side of your groin. Do this for a minute.


Use the tips of your fingers to massage your belly starting at the bottom of your abdomen and working your way up. Make sure to press firmly on your way up. Towards the top of your abdomen to reach as far under your rib cage, your liver can benefit from it. Now take your fingers and place them vertical on either side of your belly button bout an inch away. Press firmly while moving your fingers up and down. Do this for about 3o seconds.


Brush your belly with a dry brush for skin. Some use the brush while in the shower. I have to say that I have no idea what this dey brush for skin is but I will find out. The article recommends to wrap your mid section in saran wrap and leave it on while you sleep. I have to look into this further because your skin has to breath. I will update what I find out. Hopefully you will try these steps safely and enjoy the benefits of massaging yourself into a flatter belly and better way of life. The SPOT for the big belly to disappear.

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