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Post by Admin Fri Aug 14, 2020 6:34 pm

In life there are certain things we consider necessities. Most things that are easy are almost always filled with chemicals that we should not be using. We have believed and accepted that there is a safe level of these chemicals. which we can consume. If we go back to the old ways and I mean old ways of doing things, we would quickly notice that the earth provides everything we need. In this article I will help you see that we have just got to work a little harder to be natural but once it becomes a way of life you will soon forget how easy it is to use all of these chemical filled products. 

In this article you will find information on the following practices some of us have on a daily basis:

           hair dye
           tooth paste
           cleaning products


Traditional hair dyes are full of potentially harmful chemicals that at high exposures, have been linked with skin and respiratory irritation, a suppressed immune system and even cancer. Over 5,000 different chemicals are used in hair dye products, who knows all of the damage we are causing our bodies and the environment. Reading the ingredients on the box of hair dyes and other products we have grown to love we would not be able to read most of them. Which I use as guide to look into what they are because natural stuff comes from plants and other things that come from the earth.

Keep in mind that dyeing your hair naturally doesn't last as long but your chemical free life will. It might takes a few tries to get the color right but it will be well worth it. If you don't want to risk not liking the result you can use a peace of your hair to use as a test peace. I use apple cider vinegar to to rinse my hair to help color last longer. 
         ######SEE LINK TO A VIDEO HERE#####

Here are several ways of adding color to your hair naturally.


Mix carrot juice with a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil. Apply the mixture liberally to your hair. Wrap your hair in plastic and let it set for an hour.  Rinse with apple cider vinegar. Repeat the next day if the color isn't strong enough.

#######SEE VIDEO HERE######


Henna is a natural plant based dye that is used to create temporary tattoos directly on the skin. It also can be used to dye your hair red. It is commonly found in powder form and is probably the longest lasting of all of the options mentioned in this article. Color may last as long as four to six weeks. To use henna to your hair follow manufacturers instruction.  In very rare cases some allergy to it is possible so be sure to try a small area before applying to all of your hair. I suggest trying it on your skin in an area that you can monitor for at least a couple of hours. If redness or itching happens after application rinse off quickly and discontinue use see a doctor immediately. Henna is the product that the Indian community uses for the very popular hand tattoos. 

#####SEE VIDEO HERE#####


Coffee can help dye your hair one or two shades darker, and can cover your gray.

Use 1/2 cup of strong dark roast coffee with 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds and 1 cup of leave in conditioner. make sure your hair is clean and a bit damp. after the mixture has set for at least an hour. wash it out and repeat if necessary. Coffee is consumed by most people so there should be no issues but please do a test peace to make sure you like the results. 


I used potato skins to dye my grey roots and I didn't like the color because I favor my black hair but it really worked. It ended up a dirty blonde color. I let my roots grow out, thanks to Covid 19 it was not hard to due, and it only took three tries to see a difference in the color of my gray hair. My grey hair is really white hair and the color that showed through with the potato skins covered well and even had some highlights to it. 


The color produced from Kool aid hair dye lasts about two to four week depending how long you leave the mixture in your hair. For longer lasting color 30 minutes is recommended. If you notice that the color is not taking it could be due to a color you  already have in your hair. The best way to quickly prepare your hair for this process is to use a clarifying shampoo. I am looking for a natural way to accomplish this as we speak.

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